Roving Eye Enterprises operates a fleet of specialist work boats based in Orkney. They offer flexible accommodation depending upon the use our clients require,
and are fully certified with the latest safety and navigation equipment.
Our primary work boat is the Lodesman. Originally commissioned by Trinity house, she was designed as a 24 hour all weather pilot boat. As a result, she is a very capable maneuverable vessel, able to work in the extreme environment of the Pentland Firth in safety and comfort. With sensible modification she has proved ideal for our needs with ROV support and survey purposes.
She sails under the code of a category 2 work boat. Her first contract was a series of ADCP and ROV surveys for the Marine Renewable Energy Industry.
Find out more about the Lodesman and her current certification by downloading these articles in pdf format.
Lodesman Specification
Lodesman Certification

Our secondary craft is the fast work RIB, Live Wyre.
Purchased to extend the capabilities of the Roving Eye fleet,
this 8.2m RIB offers a useful 3m width for excellent work space and stability.
A 250hp diesel inboard engine offers power for all tasks, and gives a fast, comfortable ride even in difficult conditions.
The photos below will provide a walk through of our craft in operation.

  • 1. MV Lodesman, foredeck with 5.5m reach crane

  • 2. MV Lodesman, Engine Room, twin Gardner powerplants

  • 3. MV Lodesman, maintenance at annual dry dock

  • 4. MV Lodesman, wheelhouse and navigation

  • 5. MV Lodesman, ROV pilot station

  • 6. MV Lodesman, comfortable rear saloon

  • 7. MV Lodesman, Lower cabins berth 6

  • 8. MV Lodesman, heavy seas through Yell Sound, Shetland

  • 1. Live Wyre, fast work RIB

  • 2. Live Wyre, fast work RIB

  • 3. Live Wyre, fast work RIB

  • 4. Live Wyre, despite her size, is able to relocate via road trailer

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